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How Rope Access Window Cleaning Works?

Rope access window cleaning is a fairly simple procedure that involves a small amount of setting up, a minimal amount of equipment, but a very high standard of safety. All work is carried out by trained professionals who are not only great with heights (rope access is no career for the acrophobic), but also experienced in their trade. As such, they can get the job done quickly and effectively without causing disruption or risking harm to anyone.

Technicians securely anchor to the roof of a building before proceeding down its side (bucket in tow) and cleaning each window they pass by. Depending on the job, technicians rarely clean all of a building’s windows on their own – this would probably take far too long – so they often work in teams that clean entire floors at the same time, descending together in a neat row.

On top of a very compact inventory of rope access gear, window cleaning at height involves exactly the tools you’d expect: a trusty window wiper paired with some good old soap and water. Since technicians are required to clean for extended periods while dangling from a system of ropes, they must use work seats to prevent any straining or chafing that could be caused by the harness.

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