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Construction Installations

Total Ozone undertakes Curtain Walling, Cladding, Glazing Solutions, Steel Erection, Sign and Banner installation, Netting, Fall-arrest systems, and Eyebolt installation.

We at Total Ozone have helped businesses and homeowners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi achieve their construction and installation objectives. We specialize in the installation of curtain walling, cladding, glazing solutions, steel erection, sign and banner installation, netting, fall-arrest systems, and eyebolt installations. All our services are carried out by qualified personnel with a wealth of experience in their respective fields. Our skilled crew adheres to safety standards and takes due care to minimize any inconvenience to you or your neighbors during the course of their work.

Are you looking for a one stop solution for all your construction installation needs?

If so, you don’t have to look any further than us! At Site we have been in the industry from long time and have vast experience in the installation and erection of scaffolding, curtain walling, cladding, glazing solutions, steel erection and much more! We also provide high quality netting installations and fall arrest systems.

Total Ozone is your one stop solution for all your construction installation needs, no matter how big or small. We offer services such as Curtain Walling, Cladding, Glazing Solutions, Steel Erection, Sign and Banner installation, Netting, Fall-arrest systems, and Eyebolt installation. With a wide range of experience in the industry and the latest tools to handle any project you may have. Whatever your needs may be Construction Installations is here to help with a service that is second to none.

Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is a type of exterior cladding that is installed on the outside of buildings and can be made out of glass, stone or metal. Curtain walling is also known as curtain-wall or curtain-clad. The term curtain wall was originally used to describe an early form of construction consisting of a brick wall with windows inserted within the opening frames, but now refers to any building facade that includes glass and metal framing.

The most common applications are greenhouses, high rise buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, sports facilities and schools. Curtain walling provides better insulation than solid walls.


Cladding is the exterior covering for a building, either structural or non-structural. It may be made of metal panels, precast concrete, timber boards or shingles. Cladding is installed on the outside of a structure to protect it from weather and other hazards. Cladding can also be used to give the building a particular appearance or design. This type of cladding is often seen in commercial buildings with large glass windows, as well as residential homes where people want their walls to match their roof and other features that are visible from the street. The purpose of cladding is twofold: protecting the underlying construction material from external forces and providing an appealing aesthetic to passersby.


Cladding, Glazing and Glazing systems have been used in the construction industry for centuries. The earliest claddings and glazing systems were made of stone, wood or clay. In the last century they have been superseded by a wide range of materials such as steel and aluminum. Cladding is the process of protecting building walls from adverse weather conditions by attaching to them a protective material such as metal, wood or plastic.

Fall Arrest systems

Personal fall arrest systems are designed to help prevent one from falling more than a few feet. Fall arrest systems consist of an anchorage point and a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) that is secured to the anchorage point with a connecting device. A PFAS consists of two basic components, a body harness and an energy absorber. The harness wraps around the user’s waist or chest, depending on their size, while the energy absorber is attached to the harness and positioned at the back. When in use, this device will catch them if they should slip or fall by absorbing most of their weight. The rope that connects the anchor point to the PFAS can be either vertical or horizontal depending on how much space there is in order to work safely.


Netting is a safety net that can be used in many different industries such as agriculture, construction, and the power industry. Netting can be utilized to protect people from falling objects, or anything that could cause injury. Netting is commonly placed on top of scaffolding so workers have something to hold onto when they’re working at heights. It’s also used on the ground so anyone walking by doesn’t trip and fall over debris.

Netting is a versatile product that can help keep your employees safe whether they’re working 10 feet off the ground or just walking around on the ground. It’s a product you don’t want to be without if you’re in a high-risk industry where accidents happen often.

Signboard Banner Installation

One of the most important things about our company is that we can offer the best services in all aspects of construction. This means that not only do we offer a wide range of services, but we can also provide on-site experts to make sure you get the right kind of installation or repair work done. We have over years’ of experience in providing customers with a comprehensive variety of products and services and so if you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable and professional company then look no further than us.

We can cover all your needs, from construction installation such as Curtain Walling, Cladding, Glazing Solutions, Steel Erection, Sign and Banner installation, Netting, Fall-arrest systems to Eyebolt installation.

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