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Requirements to be the Best Facility Management Company in Dubai

To be considered the best facility management company in Dubai, a company should meet various requirements and criteria. These requirements often include: Becoming the best facility management company in Dubai requires a commitment to excellence in all of these areas and a continuous effort to meet the evolving needs of clients in the region. Total Ozone is…
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Facility Management in Dubai

Why Facility Management is important in Dubai?

Facility management in Dubai is important, as it is in many other cities around the world, for several key reasons: In summary, facility management is important in Dubai because it contributes to the city’s growth, sustainability, safety, and overall quality of life. It plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing the city’s infrastructure, assets, and reputation on…
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External Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings

The Best Method for External Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings Window cleaning of high-rise buildings is not a simple task to perform rather it is a perfect example of a balancing act. As a real estate manager of the building, you need to know different factors which will create pressure, like getting quality cleaning…
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How Rope Access Window Cleaning Works?

Rope access window cleaning is a fairly simple procedure that involves a small amount of setting up, a minimal amount of equipment, but a very high standard of safety. All work is carried out by trained professionals who are not only great with heights (rope access is no career for the acrophobic), but also experienced…
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Confined Spaces

Total Ozone undertakes Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, Ductworks, Confined Space Entry, and rescue