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Facade Cleaning Services

The facade of your premises is the face of your organization. Elevate your building’s exterior to reflect its high standards with our exceptional facade cleaning services.

Facade cleaning services involve the professional cleaning and maintenance of the exterior surfaces of buildings, including walls, windows, and other architectural elements, to enhance their appearance, remove dirt, grime, and stains, and preserve the structure’s integrity.

High-rise facade cleaning was quickly done by skilled rope access experts proficient in using specialized equipment and techniques to access high-rise buildings safely.

Rope Access Facade Cleaning Company in Dubai

Total Ozone stays one step ahead in delivering customer-centric, industry-leading, cost-effective, and high-level rope access facade cleaning services in Dubai.

With years of expertise and a passion for perfection, our rope access technicians team delivers a comprehensive range of facade cleaning services tailored to your needs, from traditional window cleaning to advanced facade restoration and maintenance services.

We are dedicated to delivering our rope access cleaning contracts, whether high-rise industrial or commercial structures or medium-sized buildings; we prioritize safety, efficiency, and excellence, ensuring that every project is executed to the highest standards. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we prioritize not just cleanliness but also preserving your building’s integrity.

Our Facade Cleaning Services

  • Facade Glass Cleaning: We spotlessly clean your windows and facades using industry-leading techniques and eco-friendly products.
  • Facade restoration: Our comprehensive restoration services transform your building’s exterior, enhancing its attractiveness and integrity.
  • High-rise window glass cleaning: We use advanced rope access techniques to reach every corner of your high-rise window, a crystal-clear view & dazzling exterior.
  • Pressure washing: We effortlessly restore your building’s original shine by removing stubborn stains and grime with our high-pressure washing services.
  • Facade sealant rectification: We reinforce and repair sealants, protecting your building from weather damage while ensuring resilience.
  • Cement Removal: We eliminate construction debris and residues to leave your facade flawless and polished.
  • Our Facade Cleaning Methods: Our facade cleaners use two effective methods to clean your building’s exterior

Water-Based Facade Cleaning Method

  • Our facade cleaning specialist uses high-pressure washing and purified water to eliminate dirt and grime without harsh chemicals. Utilize soaking methods & mist sprays to loosen harsh contaminants like dirt and stubborn soot, especially in sheltered areas. They eliminate mold, oil, and grease without chemicals, surpassing traditional pressure-washing

Chemical-Based Facade Cleaning Method

  • Our chemical-based cleaning method employs safe yet powerful cleaning agents for tougher stains and stubborn contaminants. We use Acid-Based Cleaning for unglazed brick, concrete, granite, and alkaline to clean marble and chalky sandstones. Our expert team ensures the careful application and safe handling of these solutions to restore your facade’s cleanliness and brilliance.

Benefits of Rope Access Facade Cleaning Service in Dubai

  • Enhance the building’s appearance and maintain the original beauty and integrity of the building,
  • Extend the Lifespan of your building & improve your property value.
  • Make your cleaning process efficient and less intrusive.
  • Reduces the Expensive Repairs
  • Minimizes the use of heavy machinery.
  • Cost-effective & Time-Saving Process

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