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Why Window Cleaning Important in Dubai

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Keeping a commercial or residential building clean and presentable is just one bit of essential maintenance work in Dubai. That every building manager or contractor should undertake. Since windows often act as a building’s exterior face – as well as a fundamental part of its aesthetic in many modern architectural designs – their upkeep is crucial to how the building is perceived from both inside and out. Indeed, as rope access specialists, we think that the residents of a building should be able to enjoy their beautiful views free of scuffs and marks.

However, as anybody who has taken a stroll through Dubai will have noticed, not all windows look like a walk in the park to clean. Some are too high up on a building to be reached via ladder or cherry picker, and some are too awkward and difficult to reach via suspension platforms or access cradles. In these cases, the most appropriate means of access is that which serves the trickiest of spots on the tallest of buildings without any problems… you guessed it, rope access! If you have questions about this service, we’re going to answer them in this post.

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