External Facade Cleaning Important

External facade cleaning projects are complex for high rise building. Difficult to timescales and sometimes budgets can all too easily overrun. This is often happened due to a lack of knowledge, expertise, and confusion about available solutions.

Rope Access Services Dubai

Which process will best suit your facade material and what are your business demands? Also keep in mind the access method, for reaching the difficult sides of the building then rope access cleaning is the best option or simply chose to go with Boom Lift. Add to these thoughts of contact, containment of materials, safety, and possible disruption, and choosing the right process for your building becomes tense with uncertainty. Get it wrong and you may even cause irreversible damage.

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Usually, people thought stone materials are good for a lifetime and often thought to be timeless. The process of creating stone with heat and pressure, makes it survives for millions of years. These external materials come under attack from the elements and therefore needs to be protected and maintained, instead of being assumed to last forever.

Total Ozone Rope Access Services Dubai

United Arab Emirates has hot and sandy conditions that cause damages to external building surfaces. Due to sand storms, dirt builds up and humidity condition in winter make the building looks worse. High rise building usually has glass external surfaces which need rope access pressure washing to looks clean. Damp areas are particularly likely to attract dirt especially in a wet climate and, if not already apparent, can be identified as a result of a clean. Thick layers of grime can retain water against or within the masonry, resulting in increased salt cycling and accelerated deterioration.

Why Facade Cleaning

The primary concern is to prevent dirt build-up, principally from airborne particulates which may contain a range of potentially problematic materials that can react with the stone and reduce its lifespan. Improper cleaning of the facade is the result of poor research and wrong selection of cleaning techniques. If cleaning is undertaken too late or not at all, may suffer irreversible damage.

High Pressure washing

Regular external facade washing will help to identify areas where there is above average build-up of dirt and salts that may be indicative of more far-reaching problems which, if rectified at an early stage, may have considerable cost-benefit in the longer term.