Working alone at heights increases a worker’s risk because they are vulnerable to a variety of risks. Especially working at height is more expose to accidents, and if they get injured, it is more difficult to ask for help. So In the rope access system, you need to be with another co-worker of level 1, level 2, or level 3 for pairing.


Usually, rope access companies prepare clients’ task execution plans and rescue plans. If you are alone working on a task execution plan but no one knows what happened to you at height then there will be no rescue. So always works in pairs at heights and aware of your surroundings. Rope access company is responsible for the technician rescue plan.

Rope Access Technicians Dubai

Total Ozone the highly professional rope access services provider who works as a team. Who covers the entire client requirement after keeping safety as a priority? The rope access technician team should be aware of their surroundings and they should be trained in how to operate in these settings along with a regular check-in procedure at set intervals to their employer using different training programs.


Level 3 rope access technician should be able to see and supervise the whole rope access process. This technician will be monitoring the safety procedure to ensure the team is following it. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi building window cleaning tasks are performed by our highly professional rope access team.