Why there is an Increase in Rope Access Services Demand in UAE

I think the main reason for the increase in rope access services demands in UAE is cost-effectiveness. Inspection and maintenance work of high rise buildings increased and companies know the benefits of rope access methods.

Building owners and facility managers realize how efficient and effective rope access services for high structures, which are difficult to access with equipment and also tight spaces where heavy machinery is not applicable.

Covit-19 Impact and Rope Access Services

For the facility management team, maintenance budgets are a worrying factor, especially in this difficult economic situation. Where the financial world is facing its biggest challenge of Covit-19, every company is trying to survive the current condition by saving money. The rope access method of facade cleaning and maintenance becomes a cost-saving for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Companies.

Yearly inspections routine can be expensive with traditional access methods of scaffolding, helicopters, and cranes. UAV Drones are added to the mix for rope access services to improve and speed up the inspection and maintenance services.

Safety is the main concern for height and confined spaces. The use of professional rope access services made both safer. Because rope access allows technicians to quickly mobilize and complete projects faster than other means of access, technicians spend less time up in the air or in tight or dangerous locations.

Total Ozone! Rope Access Cleaning Expert

Total Ozone knows that rope access cleaning services are extremely important for any building. Total Ozone provides professional rope access window cleaning services for high rise buildings, villas, schools, residential apartment buildings, warehouses, and commercial properties. Our highly trained team knows the latest techniques, methods, and cleaning materials.