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External Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings

The Best Method for External Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings

Window cleaning of high-rise buildings is not a simple task to perform rather it is a perfect example of a balancing act. As a real estate manager of the building, you need to know different factors which will create pressure, like getting quality cleaning results and making sure the cost is effective as transparent. While hiring a reputable, insured, and properly trained company. Here are some of the different methods and equipment used in residential and commercial building window cleaning.

  • Water Fed Pole Cleaning
  • Cradles Cleaning System
  • Mounted platforms Cleaning
  • Rope Access Cleaning

Insights of these different methods will help you understand the services and also help in deciding which is most appropriate for your building. Here are more details about the different systems of cleaning the windows in high-rise buildings, relative facts for each, and different challenges in terms of the building structure, and height.

Water Fed Pole Cleaning

This is the simplest and straight forward method, which is a low-cost window cleaning for commercial buildings. In Dubai, and Abu Dhabi commercial buildings of 1 or 2 floors mainly use this method of external window cleaning. It gives a perfect cleaning finish to commercial building windows.

Cradles Cleaning System

In this method cradle is suspending over a building facade, and which is the only way of reaching the window of high-rise buildings. It is a highly specialized cleaning method that is only used by the professional window cleaning team. Which are specialized in high rise structure cleaning.

Mounted Platforms Cleaning

Some building’s facade doesn’t allow us to use a cradle system, for accessing these kinds of building-mounted platforms are used. Especially aerial platforms are used like boomlift or manlift.  The mounted platform provides the added advantage of being adjustable, enabling crews to manner in to place effectively

Rope Access Cleaning

Rope Access Cleaning carries a higher risk factor, but using rope access services specialists is crucial. The Total Ozone rope access team use rope access to get across the facade of your building effectively. With no heavy or specialist equipment involved, it is not only responsive but also manageable in terms of costs. The rope access method of window cleaning really comes into its own with complex structures. Once the equipment is set up, the team can maneuver around quickly, reaching places that would be more challenging using the other methods.

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