Facade Cleaning of High-rise Buildings

Cleaning high rise buildings poses danger to most real estate companies. These high-rise buildings usually have glass facade which can easily be clean by the use of rope access window cleaning method. But we have to keep in mind that every building has a different facade. Total Ozone knows all methods of facade cleaning. In the United Arab Emirates, big cities have high-rise buildings especially Dubai, Abu Dhabi.


Why External Facade Cleaning

Unusually some tend to neglect such a need and thus leave their buildings with added dirt for many years citing the dangers to wash them. By ignoring the fact that, the building reveals the quality of services that they provide as well as a picture of company professionalism. As all, we know “The book is often judged by its cover”.


Rope Access Services for Real Estate

For Real estate companies, there are special rope access services companies that provide services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Building cleaning services can be made easy by employing competent cleaning services with competitive cleaning techniques such as rope access. You can hire Total Ozone to perform external facade cleaning by using rope access in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all over UAE.

Contact Total Ozone! External Facade Cleaning Expert 

Total Ozone knows that external facade cleaning services are extremely important for any building. Total Ozone provides professional window cleaning services of the highest quality to high rise buildings, villas, schools, residential apartment buildings, warehouses, and commercial properties. Our highly trained team knows the latest techniques, methods, and cleaning materials