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Aircraft Warning Light Installation & Replacement

Dubai is one of the most popular and fancy looking cities in the UAE. It is how beautiful Dubai seems because of the tall buildings and facilities, fancy looking places to visit. Still, these tall buildings and facilities might be a problem for aviation, and that’s where the obstruction lights come in handy.

The obstruction lights in Dubai are classified into high–intensity obstruction lights, medium-intensity obstruction lights and low-intensity obstruction lights.

These aviation obstruction lights warn the Aeroplan pilots regarding the danger ahead because of the tall facilities that may occur a problem in air traffic.


Visible construction sites and buildings

When the weather is not on point, the tall buildings and facilities are usually not visible to the aviation, which is where the obstruction light helps. However, the different classes of obstruction lights are designed for various heightened buildings.

Moreover, the buildings under construction also have obstruction lights installed if they meet the height requirements to prevent any dangerous incidents.


The obstruction lights comes in three different types

A) Fluorescent lamps
B) Incandescent lamps
C) LED lights

The fluorescent and incandescent lamps lack some advantages that LED lights to have as the LED lights are more advanced technology and have better benefits than fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Let’s know more about how the LED obstruction lights are beneficial.


The obstruction lights are reliable enough as they can flicker and flash multiple times in a single minute to warn the Aeroplan pilots, which assuredly lowers the risks of any dangerous incidents that could happen.

These are extremely reliable even under bad weather conditions and make the facilities and building more vibrant and visible without any problem.

Energy saving

These lights are considered energy-efficient for saving power as the LED obstruction lights consume 95% lesser energy and can easily be used with solar energy systems to save electricity. Which assuredly decreases the cost of bills.

Bright enough

The LED aviation obstruction lights are bright enough to signal the pilot without any inconvenience so that the pilot can spot the building and other facilities with ease.

Easy installation

The LED obstruction lights are easy to install because of the smaller dimensions and lesser weight which assuredly cuts down the installation cost too, as it does not require much hassle.

Durable enough

The LED lights have a long-lasting runtime that can easily last up to 15 years, whereas the fluorescent and incandescent lamps will need to be replaced 2 – 3 times in the following period.

Lastly, Which form of obstruction light in Dubai is more beneficial?

The LED obstruction lights in Dubai are more beneficial and cost-efficient in every manner, in contrast to fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

Moreover, the LED lights are more useful in preventing accidents, even in extreme weather conditions. In contrast, the pilots might have to face problems in seeing facilities and buildings with incandescent and fluorescent lamps.

The standard lighting fixtures also cause you extra money as different mechanical instruments come along to do the fixing and stuff. Still, the obstruction and can be fixed in a minimal amount of money without any extra tools.

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